Santiniketan Holiday:
For the Wanderlust of the Wandering Minstrel (Baul) in You

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  • bolpur tourist spot, shantiniketan tourism
  • bolpur tourist spot, holiday in santiniketan
  • holiday in santiniketan
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Welcome to Santiniketanholiday

Bolpur Shantiniketan; The Abode of Peace; Darussalam

BolpurShantiniketan situated nearly 150 kilometers off Kolkata is a hamlet that houses the confluence of many different cultures across the globe. One cannot help suffering from identity pluralism when referring to Santiniketan. The residents of Shantiniketan revere it as the holy grail of Tagoreana that has over the period of time captured the imagination of a wider spectrum of people. While it is impossible to detach the bard Rabindranath Tagore from Santiniketan, Tagoreana rather than Tagore justifies the aesthetic beauty of the place.

Tagoreana: Pre and Post Rabindranath and Forever

The confluence of cultures and philosophies that BolpurSantiniketan brings to the table is a rich ensemble cast of Amartya Sen, Satyajit Ray, Nandlal Bose, Ganesh Pyne, Lalan fakir, Siraj Sai, Maharishi DayanandSaraswati, Maharishi Debendranath Tagore, Abanindranath Tagore and finally Rabindranath Tagore himself. In short it is place where the bard Rabindranath drew inspiration from some greats and left a legacy for others to take inspiration from him.

While the noveau rich hoipolloi may refer to the sentimental proletarianism of the average Bengali with Karl Marx there has been no intellectual like Tagore who has influenced the ideas of such a diverse plethora of disciplines and thinkers after Karl Marx.

From the conscience of economics Amartya Sen, the Emperor of Indian cinema Satyajit Ray to the rebel filmmaker RitwikGhatak and the Mahatma himself have been ardent admirers of Tagoreana. In content Tagoreana is European and adheres to conservatism and in form is Indian and adheres to improvisation. If there is a place in India that offers music, drama, dance drama, elocution, poetry, novellas, philosophy, cinema, food and nature on the same platter then Bolpur Santiniketan tourism is for you.

Santiniketan Tourism: For the Wanderlust of the Wandering Minstrel (Baul) in YouAre you running short of breath chasing goals under city lights? Are you in search of positive energy within yourself? Do you want to meditate over the issues in your life to find a solution? Are you a musician who wants to listen to soul stirring stuff? Are you a connoisseur of performing arts? Are you searching for yourself?

Answers to some of the best search questions are not contained in search engines. You shall find those answers in yourself once you are in Santiniketan.

For the voracious mind going mad (Vatula in Sanskrit) the wanderlust leads him to the hotbed of Bauls-BolpurShantiniketan. Santiniketan tourism is for those Bauls who believe in walking the walk and talking the talk. A Santiniketan tour is the perfect ode to the adventurer and backpacker spirit that beseeches you to explore Tagoreana. Explore holiday packages Shantiniketan offers, explore the wonderland and see life through rose tinted glasses.

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  • shantiniketan tourism"サンティニケタン良い場所、良い人々は、彼らを愛しました。, Santiniketan good place , good people , loved them ."


  • shantiniketan tourism"Explored Tagor's culture with Santiniketan holiday team: Loved them"

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    "If your holiday destination is Santiniketan, then positively contact with Santiniketan-holiday Team. I wish, I could have spent few more days with the tegorena culture"  
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