Santiniketan Holiday:
For the Wanderlust of the Wandering Minstrel (Baul) in You


Santiniketan Asharama

Asharama :



Imagine there are no borders. it is not too hard to imagine. the ashrama is the place you are supposed to be in, if you have searched for yourself but have not found it. The ashrama in Bolpur Shantiniketan is the ascetic’s den, the scholar’s library and the seeker’s retreat. Walk through the dusty roads and relive those moments when Gurudev and his troupe of disciples once composed and created art, literature and music of the highest order amidst all sorrows and joys of life. The Ashrama does not fulfill desires. the Ashrama does not seek sacrifices. it inculcates zeroness. Zeroness is the lesson of the Ashrama.Life is not black or white. it is grey. The Kala bhavana, sangeet bhavana and patha bhavana are not mere departments of a university. these are not institutions where students lap up marks and aim for the rat race of competitive exams and career. these are departments where students identify themselves and seek their inner existence.

  • Visva-Bharati Museum :
  • Natya ghar:
  • Teen pahar:
  • Chatim Tala:
  • Purono ghonta tala:
  • Upasana Griho:
  • Asharam Math
  • Kala bhavana
  • Sangeet Bhavana
  • Sal bithi
  • Gour-prangan

Amar kutir :

Amar kutir

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Think of Bolpur tourism and it is hard to drive yourself away from the rich handicrafts and art work of the region. Amar Kutir is more than an art emporium or a cottage based industry. it is the unification of art and labour. It is the union of Tagore’s love of art and the Mahatma’s love of self reliance. It is the unison of Tagore’s poetry and Mahatma’s Charkha. A great collection of aesthetically made products like sarees, hand bags, wallets, belts, paintings, clay pottery, idols, soft toys, Bishnupuri sculpture and Madhubani paintings (pathachitra). Relive the glory of Bharat and bask in the reflected glory of the place that once lit up passions of nationalism with the concept of Bharat Mata, a brainchild of Abindranath Tagore. In this era of ecommerce and online shopping, Amar Kutir gives you the ultimate shopping experience like no other place. After all this is what Bharat was, is and will be- the place of artists and artisans

Deer park :




Remember the haunting melody in the poetry of the great Scotsman Sir Walter Delamaire. Live those moments of ecstasy and adventure interwoven with branches of banyan trees. It is not the wild but the wilderness that captures your imagination. Bolpur holiday packages have some unique aspects. The Deer Park is one of them. It is better not to spoil the thrill here. Come visit the place and feel the raw energy of nature humming the tune of “Pagla Hawar Badal Dine”

Few more near by places are still attraction of Shantiniketan .

  • Goal para ( bank of river) : A typical village flavor, mostly known as a picnic spot.
  • Sona jhuri ( A traditional HAT of hand made goods is held on every Saturday)
  • Pratichi, Amartya Sen’s residence on the Visva-Bharati campus
  • Ratan palli ( Especially kalo’s tea stall, since the era of Amartya sen this place known as a tea-break point)
  • Surul & Sriniketan: A heritage and historical place may remind you the tale of ancient kingdom.
  • Moldanag: A surrounding of Tribal people. Rabindranath’s concept of raising ,preserve and revive traditional Santhal culture.
  • Pranktik & Canal par: A concept of modern village.

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